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Seaside Scoops: Coastal Mix

Seaside Scoops: Coastal Mix

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Tread onto the shore with your very own piece of the beach with our Seaside Scoops: Coastal Mix. Each generous 8-ounce scoop is a testament to the beauty and variety found along the California coastline. 

Ideal as focal points in a coastal-themed room, or as a cherished gift to that friend who's always chasing the waves. The Seaside Scoops: Coastal Mix allows you to bring the serene majesty of the shore right into your living space. 

Come on! Don't let the tide wait — embrace the call of the coast today! 

Includes an 8 Ounce Metal Tin with Clear Lid

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Mixes are scooped at time of order to ensure you receive the freshest finds
  • What you may discover in your Scoop: Agates, Jasper, Porphyry, Quartzite, Moonstones, Wish Stones, CA Jade, Sea Glass and much more
  • Ethically sourced
  • Naturally Surf-tumbled
  • Cleaned only with soap and water
  • Images are representative of the items: Exact shape, color, and pattern will vary
  • Colors in images may vary due to individual device settings
  • Special requests welcome 
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